Specification & Technical Data


Specification & Technical Data for 320 Hydraulic Excavators

Caterpillar has announced the sale of three new 20-tonne next-generation excavators with a new cab design and numerous features designed to increase operating efficiency, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and improve operator comfort. New models 320 GC (121 hp), 320 (162 hp) and 322 (162 hp) include, among other things, Cat Connect technology, Cat Grade system with 2D, Cat LINK hardware and software and Grade Assist technology .

Performance has been improved to increase productivity in all applications. The operator can easily feel the differentiated power and speed of the 320 with excellent controllability.

Controllability, high stick and bucket forces, simplified service, and a more comfortable and efficient operator station increase productivity and lower operating costs.

Technical Specification Caterpillar 320 excavator 

Technical specifications:320  
Production year model/type1994-1998  
Engine model: 3116T  
Rated output: (Kw/Hp/Rpm)97/132/1800  
Maximum torque: (Nm/Rpm)x  
Displacement: (cm³)6600  
Fuel: Diesel  
Hydrauliek system:   
Capacity hydraulic tank: (Ltr)136  
Capacity hydraulic system: (Ltr)210  
Pump hydraulic flow capacity: (Ltr/min)2 x 180  
Auxilary flow capacity: (option) (Ltr/min)x  
Maximum working pressure: (bar)314  
Dimensions & weight: (monoboom)Arm 1900mm2400mm2900mm
Operating weight: (Kg)206702066020490
Length transport: (mm)899090008970
Height cab: (mm)x  
Height transport: (mm)307032103100
Body width: (mm) x  
Track width standard: (mm)600  
Width over tracks: (tracks 600mm)2800  
Width over tracks: (tracks 700mm)2900  
Width dozer blade: (mm)x  
Track length on the ground: (mm)3270  
Gradebility: (%/°)70% 35°  
Ground pressure: (kg/cm²)0,48  
Fuel tank: (Ltr)290  
Operating information: (Monoboom)Arm 1900mm2400mm2900mm
Max. reach at ground level: (mm)830087609180
Max. loading height: (mm)569059206250
Max. digging depth: (mm)520057006140
Max. cutting height: (mm)854087608940
Maximum travel speed:(Km/h low-high)3,5-5,5  
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