20t Digger- CAT 320 Excavator

CAT 320 The new generation of excavators offer superior performance with easy-to-use technologies like Cat GRADE with 2D, Grade Assist, Lift Assist and Payload. All of this is factory standard equipment to increase your operator efficiency by up to 45%.

Net power (ISO 9249) 121kW | Operating weight 21.600kg | Maximum digging depth 6.72m | Bar Digging Force (ISO) 106kN

CAT320 Next Generation Excavator. This 20 ton excavator comes with the widest range of factory installed standard support technology. As well as superior fuel economy and performance improvements over previous models.

  • 4 Twin Turbo Tier 4 Final / Stage IV Diesel Engine
  • 700mm track shoes
  • Low idle with one touch
  • Automatic engine speed control
  • Three power modes: Power, Smart and Eco to help manage fuel consumption
  • Automatic engine shutdown
  • Keyless engine start with operator identification codes for added security
  • Rear and Right Side View Cameras
  • 360º visibility.
  • Cat Product Link
  • Cat GRADE with 2D
  • Cat Assist
  • Cat Payload
  • 2D E-fence
  • Lifting assistance
  • Daily check at ground level
  • ISO certified full-size ROPS cab
  • Heated seat and adjustable air suspension
  • Folding left console for easy access to the cab
  • 254mm high resolution LCD touch screen
  • Customizable joysticks
  • Wide seat
  • Easy access controls
  • Climate control
  • Powerful LED lights including LED work lights with programmable delay
  • Ground level engine shutdown switch
  • Luxury cabin

The efficiency savings with this 20t excavator compared to the previous model is incredible. As a result, it can save up to 25% on fuel and gives you an efficiency increase of up to 45%. How do you get this done, we hear it?

The CAT 320 Next Generation excavator comes with the widest selection of factory standard technology available.

  • Product Link allows you to wirelessly connect all of your technology to provide the most transparent view of machine performance.
  • GRADE with 2D, allowing you to select the desired depth and grade, triggering on-board processors and sensors to provide real-time guidance on the distance to grade.
  • 2D E-fence is a fantastic safety feature that keeps the front lift within a predefined work area to avoid hazards like traffic.
  • Cat Assist automatically controls boom and bucket angles to keep the cutting edge of the bucket precisely on grade.
  • With Cat Payload, operators can instantly see the weight of the load in real time on the cab monitor screen and therefore know precisely how much material is in the bucket and in the truck, every load, every time.
  • The Lift Assist system helps the excavator stay firmly seated when lifting heavy loads.

The CAT C4.4 Tier 4 Final / Stage V diesel engine meets EU Stage IV emission standards. In doing so, you help support your environmental objectives on the construction site.

This 20 ton excavator has three power modes available to the operator: Power, Smart and Eco. As a result, your operators work more efficiently. Smart mode automatically adapts the power of the engine and the hydraulic system to the digging conditions, thus contributing to the 25% fuel savings that this excavator can bring to your work.

The advanced hydraulics of the CAT 320 Next Generation excavator provide an optimal balance of power and efficiency, while giving the operator the control they need to perform precise excavations.

The excellent design of this machine, together with the technical systems included, means that the hydraulic system of the excavator can work with optimum efficiency.

Auxiliary hydraulic options give you the versatility to use a wide range of CAT attachments. The scoops are compatible with all models.

Our CAT 320 Next Generation excavators come with a luxury cab, which is one of the best available on the market. It has been ergonomically designed for optimum operator comfort. Providing:

  • a nice wide heated seat with adjustable air suspension
  • easy access to and from the cab with the fold-down left console
  • 254mm high resolution LCD touchmonitor
  • bluetooth connectivity,
  • storage
  • cup holders and wine racks
  • and climate control.

Additionally, the CAT 320 Next Generation excavator features a keyless engine start button. This adds additional security and traceability of use while on the job site. This is accomplished through the use of operator identification codes to limit and track access to the machine.

Through the use of operator identification codes, the joystick function can be customized to suit the operator’s preferences, facilitating the transition to the work day.






The equipment is good, but it needs a professional approach. You should not put a trainee at the wheel, only an experienced excavator operator, then the work will be done on a hurrah. Very handy and maneuverable machine with good experience you can manipulate it gingerly.

Speedy excavator. The cab quickly rotates, the boom with a smooth stroke. Bucket would be nice to have a bigger bucket. Repairs were small things. For 14 years did not have serious problems. The quality is on a par with Jisibi.

I bought a Caterpillar 320 excavator a year ago. Everything was fine for six months, but recently 3 rings broke in the hydraulic pump on the plunger of the tilt plate. I had a mechanic come out. The specialist said that the problem is quite solvable. On his recommendation I ordered a grinding washer and a plunger with one ring.

I rented a CAT 320D Excavator-loader. I heard a lot of rave reviews about this machine. But when I started working on it myself, I immediately saw the disadvantages. Firstly, the huge front wheels block the whole view of the bucket from the cabin. The hydraulics is weak – it is simply not enough for such weight of the machine. As for the quality of assembly and comfort in the cab, there is nothing to complain about.

A productive and compact excavator. In general, all the CAT’s equipment is great (we have 3 tractors in the fleet) and the excavator is no exception. The cab is very comfortable, the review is good, and everyone can understand the controls. The main thing is not to fill fuel it with whatever you like. Repair will cost a lot later!

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