Cat 320 B Hydraulic issues

Cat 320 B Hydraulic issues Problems

I am having some problems with my CAT 320B excavator and these are the symptoms: Little or no response at all hydraulic functions Too much flow through the suction line from the tank to the pumps Little or no engine drag or loss of power when the hydraulic system is used.

This problem began to gradually get worse over a period of half an hour before not working at all. Changed all filters and strainers with no results. help. please.

I’m one of the guys working on the CAT 320l with no h functions and working. Charge pump pressure 550 psi new PRV. We have put a flow meter on the top line of the pump it is putting out the flow and pressure, but when we try a function there is no response where can the oil bypass so there is no response. We thought maybe the controls weren’t getting enough pressure, we checked the pressure with an online gauge and got 550 psi so we thought maybe the spool is stuck so we manually pressed on the spool and still no response, this was with the line plugged and the function in the cabin used so that the head pressure was at the pump. We do not get a pressure reading on the pressure side of the pump with the flow meter removed, so our question is where the oil can pass, besides the relief valve.

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